Expense tracking, controls and issuing of credit cards all on one platform.

Made for small businesses and non-profits.

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Stop using credit card companies that create more work for your business.

The current corporate card companies do not serve small businesses and nonprofits well. They require personal guarantees for owners and create more work and headaches for employees.

We built a solution that eliminates personal guarantees, lengthy sign-up process and complicated expense reporting, while giving you full control over issuing virtual and physical cards.

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Get up & running in hours, not weeks

Instantly issue virtual & physical cards

Flexible budget and spending control

No more expense reports

Never pay us anything

KleerCard saves you money.

Save on overhead.

Hire to grow your business, not for new overhead. Do more with less, reduce overhead, and free up bandwidth.

Increase Efficiency.

Eliminate the end-of-the month stress of expense reports and account reconciliation.

Peace of mind with your money.

Never worry about company overspending. Enjoy complete control on spending limits with virtual cards.

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