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KleerCard is with its customers every step of the way as we celebrate our customers’ journeys as they achieve their goals.

Here are some of the business owners and nonprofits we are championing. Join them—and the KleerCard community—today.

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“KleerCard has made online payments simpler and easier. Goodbye expense reports!”


“KleerCard took the time to understand our business and improve our credit—helping me get approved for other important business credit!”
Alisa Smoke Stacks House of 


“KleerCard’s virtual card is easy and user-friendly—we have loved using this product.”
Tori Point Solutions Group

Dr. Charles

"Our company, Lifeboost Coffee, has been using KleerCard for a couple years now. Without compromising on internal controls, we’ve been able to achieve a lot of spending efficiencies with our remote team. Our marketing team has virtual cards for all their marketing tools and advertising platforms like Facebook and Google, while our sales team has physical cards to facilitate all their travel and client meeting purchases. It’s really easy for the team to add receipts and transaction details in the platform. KleerCard helped us get rid of employee expense reports and sharing credit card details with employees and contractors."


"By implementing KleerCard, we’ve taken the tedious and time-restrictive process of ordering and assigning company credit cards and made it seamless. KleerCard allows our business to make moves quickly but also gives us the ability to restrict access and control situations with the click of a button. I wish we had it five years earlier!"


"KleerCard has been a wonderful tool for our staff. The ease and convenience of tracking expenses in real time from a mobile device means that we spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time focused on ministry. Since switching to KleerCard, our accounting process is more streamlined. As the account manager, I’m grateful for how easy the system features are to navigate and how much control I have over the permissions and customizable parameters of each card. I would recommend KleerCard for any church needing an easy-to-use tool to help staff manage spending"
Finance Associate


“We used KleerCard’s virtual cards for 350-person event. So easy, and their team provided great help along the way.”
Director of Marketing
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services


"As the Finance Director of our organization, I was tasked to help identify areas in our finance processes that needed refining. One area was our credit card processing, which was extremely paper heavy and time consuming. KleerCard has saved us time and resources, and continues to be instrumental to our organization. Because their team is assertive and innovative, KleerCard continues to expand beyond credit card services by offering check request and mileage reimbursement functions and new AI features. KleerCard has surpassed our expectations, which we highly recommend and have eagerly shared their name and services to other organizations we are affiliated with."
HR and Finance Director
The Zero Collective


“We went from month-end close taking 40 hours to collect receipts and code expenses, to our first month with KleerCard only needing 1 hour. Best decision we could have made!”
Executive Pastor
Plum Creek Christian Church


“KleerCard has been a really big help with my business.”
Quintolyn Girl Issa Wig


“The ability for employees to upload their receipts and code purchases on the run has been a huge blessing! KleerCard has significantly decreased the amount of time spent reconciling. Thank you KleerCard!”
Spring Lake Church


“KleerCard made the process of authorizing users, setting spending limits, and monitoring charges simplified and streamlined.”
Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church
Roy Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church


"Kleercard has been a versatile solution for our business. It has all the security and features we need in a P-card program. As we expanded our operations, KleerCard allowed us to keep track of expenditures, create custom purchasing limits for cardholders, and issue cards on the fly. The platform is easy to navigate, and their customer service team is top notch."
Financial Controller
Elevate Energy Services
Roy Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church

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