Say hello to the world’s most flexible P-card.

Create and control virtual and physical cards, designed to streamline your single use accounts while improving financial controls, operational agility, and earning cash back.

The #1 business procurement solution, used by some of America’s largest enterprises.

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Your Problems, KleerCard’s Solutions

We provide agile fixes to real world problems.


Avoid adding hundreds or thousands one-time vendors to your vendor master
Employees request virtual cards through your procurement system (e.g. Oracle, Coupa or Ariba); you control spend before it happens
All spend imports into your accounting software
No more W9s: you do not have to collect W9s for ad hoc spend on corporate cards
Abandon manual invoicing systems and earn cash back on all virtual card purchases

How it Works

Put simply, it’s a breeze.

1. Card Requests

Requests can be initiated by users inside our platform or via an external system connected with KleerCard for fulfillment.

Card Requests
Cards Sent to Requester

2. Cards Sent to Requester

After approval, registered users can access their cards from within the KleerCard platform, or can be sent card details via a secure email.

3. Requester Uses Cards

Virtual cards can be used online or in person via a mobile wallet; unlimited physical cards are also available, and all cards can be controlled by usage time, budgets, or merchant category.

Spend Management
Automated Accounting—simple.

4. Automated Accounting

Automated expense accounts and reporting, reminders of outstanding receipts, and transaction reports into your accounting software.

"Our company, Lifeboost Coffee, has been using KleerCard for a couple years now. Without compromising on internal controls, we’ve been able to achieve a lot of spending efficiencies with our remote team. Our marketing team has virtual cards for all their marketing tools and advertising platforms like Facebook and Google, while our sales team has physical cards to facilitate all their travel and client meeting purchases. It’s really easy for the team to add receipts and transaction details in the platform. KleerCard helped us get rid of employee expense reports and sharing credit card details with employees and contractors."

Dr. Charles: Lifeboost Coffee