Simplify your Amazon Business transactions.

Tired of trying to figure out who bought what, and matching up receipts with shipments?

Software making finance easy...and used by some of America’s largest enterprises.

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How it Works

1. Sign up for a KleerCard account.

You can start from the 'Sign Up' link above or reach out to our team to help you get your account started.

Card Requests
Cards Sent to Requester

2. Set any KleerCard as your Amazon default payment method

Load your new KleerCard (virtual or physical) as a payment method in your Amazon Business account and set it as the default.

3. Connect your KleerCard account with your Amazon Business Account

With a simple login to your Amazon Business account from your KleerCard account you're all set!

Spend Management
Automated Accounting—simple.

4. KleerCard imports all the details and the receipts.

Once connected we we will match up all your charges with Amazon orders, pull in the line item details for each charge, as well as the .pdf receipt.

"KleerCard offering the ability to have Amazon receipts automatically match with our credit card charges saves us so much valuable time!  our team can now fully focus on the mission without being bogged down with paperwork"

Emily M.  The Zero Collective