KleerCard for CPAs

Stop wasting precious time: KleerCard digitizes your accounting and boosts your advisory services.

Serving a broad client base? Our credit card program and automated accounting solution empowers your team to focus on clients, not paperwork.

The all-in-one solution to manage expenses, issue and control unlimited credit cards, and automate accounting.

Let KleerCard give you more time and better solutions to serve your clients.

Automated & Agile Accounting

Stop wasting precious time; KleerCard digitizes your accounting.

  • Eliminate expense reports
  • Close the books faster with greater operational speed
  • Easy receipt management
  • Integrated accounting for automated reconciliation
  • Manage unlimited physical and virtual cards
Automated Accounting—simple.
Spend Management

Spend Management

Maneuver operations efficiently by managing card issuance, budgets and controls—at your fingertips.

  • Centralized visibility and control of all cards and transactions
  • Automated merchant classification and vendor matching
  • Control uncapped spending and manage rogue charges
  • Ad hoc and one-off spend requests with unlimited virtual cards
  • Unlimited virtual cards for reimbursement

Improve Advisory Services

Offer clients rewards and benefits that save countless hours better spent on their businesses.

  • Enhance security and fraud protection
  • Onboard clients with speed and control
  • Cash back rewards
  • Concierge KleerCard customer support
  • Build clients' business credit without business debt
Issue Cards—control their every move.

Plastic & Virtual Cards

The most agile card platform in the world.

  • Unlimited plastic and virtual cards
  • Easily create cards and use for anything
  • Protect against fraud
  • Sync with accounting services
Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church
Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church

“KleerCard made the process of authorizing users, setting spending limits, and monitoring charges simplified and streamlined.”

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Schedule a demo…with a real person.
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