Built for marketing agencies and affiliate marketers

Unlimited virtual cards. Perfect for Google, Facebook, Tik Tok and others.

The #1 virtual card solution, built with  marketers in mind.

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How it Works

Put simply, it’s a breeze.

1. Card Requests

Requests can be initiated by users inside our platform or via API calls from your system. You control the limits, merchant and category controls.

Card Requests
Cards Sent to Requester

2. Cards Sent to Requester

After approval, registered users can access their cards from within the KleerCard platform, or card details can be sent to anyone via a secure email.

3. Requester Uses Cards

Virtual cards can be used online with all the major ad platforms. All cards can be also be controlled by usage, time, budgets, or merchant category.

Spend Management
Automated Accounting—simple.

4. Automated Accounting

Automated expense accounts and reporting, reminders of outstanding receipts, and transaction reports into your accounting software.

Andrew Clay - Clay Entertainment

“KleerCard has empowered us to effectively manage over $30 million in media spend, enabling us to allocate our budget strategically across various channels, regions, and brands. Their customized solution caters to our clients' needs by offering a variety of credit options, eliminating the need for conventional platform invoicing and simplifying the whole process...And you cant beat their customer support!"