KleerCard for Scaling Businesses

KleerCard for Non-profits

Spend management, virtual cards, automatic accounting and more for churches and other organizations.

Investing in your community? KleerCard's solutions take care of the grunt work so you focus on those you serve.

The all-in-one solution to manage expenses, build credit, issue cards and automate accounting.

Let KleerCard give you more time to to reach and serve others.

Spend Management

Control and peace of mind, at your fingertips.

  • Set budgets for teams and projects
  • Fuel card management
  • Real-time spend notifications
  • Upload receipt images instantly
Spend Management
Business Credit

Accounts Payable

Generate a return on your accounts payable.

  • Unlimited cash back
  • Supplier outreach program: KleerCard's team will help maximize card acceptance among your suppliers
  • Flexible payment terms

Plastic & Virtual Cards

The most agile card platform in the world.

  • Unlimited plastic and virtual cards
  • Easily create cards and use for anything
  • Protect against fraud
  • Sync with accounting services
Issue Cards—control their every move.
Automated Accounting—simple.

Automated Accounting

Stop wasting precious time; KleerCard will take care of your accounting.

  • Automatically sync with Quickbooks Online
  • Review transactions and instantly categorize
  • Submit receipts instantly
  • Speed end-of-month accounting
Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church
Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church

“KleerCard made the process of authorizing users, setting spending limits, and monitoring charges simplified and streamlined.”

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Schedule a demo…with a real person.